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St. Cremin's National School, Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath

Peter Pan Performance

12th May 2022

Peter Pan Presented by 5th and 6th class

Report Written by Dara  & Josh

We started rehearsing for Peter Pan in October 2021. We had 2 teachers who came out to our school every Monday. At the start of our rehearsals, we could not mix with 5th class because of Covid regulations.

There was great excitement when we were given our roles in the play. We then had to recite our lines and learn all the words of the songs. We worked hard, both at home and in school, to ensure we were prepared.

In February 2022, the classes were told that the show would be commencing on the 31st of February but the show had to be rescheduled for the 28th of March because of Covid restrictions and regulations.

After all our preparations, we were finally ready to go into the Arts Centre and perform.  Excitement and nerves were at an all-time high and we were looking forward to showing off all our hard work by putting on an amazing show for our families and friends.

As we entered the Arts Centre a combination of feelings began to spread among us. Some people felt more confident than others but all of us were excited to perform in front of our relatives and friends.

When we got into the Arts Centre, we completed 2 rehearsals. The first one helped us to understand our correct positions on stage during each scene. In the second rehearsal the actors were given their costumes and microphones.

After that, we were all ready for the real deal. All of our relatives were waiting in their seats ready to be entertained.

In the beginning many of us had butterflies but that soon dissipated as we settled into the performance. We were delighted to act on stage in front of the audience. The show was a success and the audience seemed to really enjoy it judging by the resounding applause we received at the end. Everything went well and everyone had fun including the crowd. After the show our families were waiting for us and we all got a big cheer.

                                                            Dara & Josh